Supply Chain Finance Training Class

What: Account Executive/Loan Officer Training Class

Where: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

When: Monday and Tuesday, October 21 – 22, 2019

Supply Chain Finance Training Class

Have you considered adding Supply Chain Finance to the products that you offer? We’ve assembled a group of Supply Chain Finance experts to conduct a course specializing in Domestic Supply Chain Finance. Our emphasis will be on the long tail with focus on smaller vendors. The goal of this course is to instruct Factors on how to market, price and operate Supply Chain Finance.

Some of the Topics Covered Will Be:

  • • Supply Chain Finance Overview
    • What is Supply Chain Finance?
    • How it differs from Factoring
    • Advantages / Disadvantages over Factoring
    • Can it Be Done Domestically?
    • Can it Be Done for Small Suppliers?
    • Target markets
    • Value Proposition for Buyer & Supplier
    • Solution Elements
    • Pricing
    • Insurance
    • Competitive Landscape (Banks, IT Platforms, Marketplace)
    • Challenges with Supply Chain Finance
    • Legal Infrastructure
    • Working with a Vendor vs. Going Alone
    • How Factors Can Participate
    • Will your Funder allow? How to Fund.

Michael Ullman, Esq., Principal at Ullman & Ullman, P.A., will serve as an Instructor at this event.

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