Asset-Based Lending and Factoring

Minimize risk and increase opportunities and profits with transactional and advisory services backed by more than 30 years' experience in factoring and asset-based lending.

Factoring companies, forfaiting companies, asset-based lenders and small business loan companies play a critical role in today's global economy by facilitating cash flow and working capital for companies that provide essential jobs and keep goods and services flowing. Ullman & Ullman, P.A. has been deeply engaged in the factoring, forfaiting and commercial lending industries for over 30 years, representing factoring companies, forfaiting companies, small business loan companies and other asset-based lenders in all aspects of the business. We provide guidance, transactional work and legal services that help our clients decrease their risks and capture profitable opportunities.

Ullman & Ullman, P.A. represents and advises numerous factoring companies throughout the United States and around the world. Most of our clients have been with us many, many years, coming to us again and again because of our vast experience in the factoring, forfaiting and commercial lending niches, as well as our approach to problem solving and thoroughness that we expect will yield our clientele with highly profitable results.

Firm founder and principal Michael W. Ullman is co-counsel for the International Factoring Association and a contributor to the IFA's articles on factoring and asset-based lending. His extensive experience in factoring related issues and transactions has given him in-depth understanding of every type of industry, including retail, agriculture, transportation, staffing, federal, state and local governments and many, many more. No matter what industry a factor's client is involved in, Michael Ullman can advise and represent the factor appropriately and effectively.

Attorney Jared Ullman brings a firm background in finance operations to the table for factoring clients. A valuable resource in both commercial transaction work and litigation, Jared Ullman has experience managing multi-million-dollar loans and understands financing and legal aspects of lending in depth.