Account Executive/Loan Officer Training Class

What: Account Executive/Loan Officer Training Class

Where: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

When: Thursday and Friday, June 20 – 21, 2019

Account Executive/Loan Officer Training Class

The Account Executive/Loan Officer Training Course is a comprehensive two-day course covering a multitude of issues related to factoring. This course is designed to help employees within your organization become more knowledgeable about the factoring industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Deal Evaluation Process
  • Contracts, P.O.'s and Vendor Agreements
  • Invoice Verification Procedures
  • Checking the Paper Trail
  • Reviewing and Approving Debtor Credit Limits
  • Incoming Transactions & Compliance
  • Dealing with Credit Memos
  • Reserve Management
  • Management of the Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Monitoring Tax Payments
  • Collection Procedures
  • Specific Industry Concerns and Pitfalls
  • Client Service Techniques
  • Working with Government Contracts
  • Management Policies and Strategies
  • Documentation and Compliance Procedures
  • Assignment Procedures and Issues

Legal counsel will be provided by Michael W. Ullman, Esq., Principal at Ullman & Ullman, P.A.

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