24th Annual Factoring Conference

What: 2018 Annual Factoring Conference

When: Wednesday May 9th through Saturday May 12th, 2018

Where: Fontainebleau Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

The Annual Factoring Conference is the world's largest conference dedicated to companies that offer all types of accounts receivable financing. An impressive array of speakers has been assembled to present the information and knowledge needed to grow and manage your portfolio, along with many opportunities for networking with others in the factoring industry.

Topics Include:

  • Cooked: Leadership Lessons from a Hustler - Chef Jeff Henderson
  • Lessons From The Frontlines: Disruption, One Industry At A Time
  • The Tech Behind Fintech
  • Using Verbal Statement Analysis to Detect Deception
  • What Are You Really Saying? Using the Words People Choose to Detect Deception
  • Factoring 101
  • Roundtable for Women in Commercial Finance
  • Latin American Factoring
  • Ideas to Rejuvenate & Modernize Your Operations
  • Roundtable for Young Professionals
  • Roundtable for Senior Executives
  • Factoring Niche Industries 101
  • Cross Border Transfers
  • Conference Update
  • Update from IFA Counsel
  • Senate Viewpoint on the Regulation and Oversight of the Finance and Small Business Community
  • The Current Economic and Financial Outlook
  • How the Economy will affect Factors
  • Report from the Courts - How You and Your Friends Made Out In the Courts
  • Lessons to be Learned From this Year's Court Decisions
  • Learn How the Courts Treated IFA Members
  • Blockchain – What is It?
  • Is it the Technology of the Future?
  • How Will It Affect Finance and Trade?
  • Canadian Legal Update
  • Current Topics in Transportation Factoring
  • Learn Techniques to Improve your Corporate Culture, Job Performance and Eliminate Workplace Conflict
  • Dramatically Boost Innovation and Collaboration Through an Outward Mindset
  • Opportunities and Challenges with the Changing of the Guard
  • Roundtable for Operations Personnel
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Legal Panel - Jared Ullman, Esq. is part of the panel
  • Roundtable for Small Factors
  • The Canadian Banking System and its Impact on Alternative Lenders

Note: Schedule Subject to Change

For further information and to REGISTER for this event go to www.factoringconference.com



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