Contract Enhancement Program

Ullman & Ullman’s Contract Enhancement Program™ - geared towards helping the factoring, purchase order funding and asset-based lending communities achieve success.

Earlier this year Ullman & Ullman, P.A. launched its inaugural “Contract Enhancement Program™” in order to provide the factoring, purchase order funding and asset-based lending communities with a unique opportunity to receive cost-effective and highly tailored contract provisions to incorporate into existing documentation that enable companies to manage legal risks and maintain a competitive advantage (“Contract Improvements”).

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Contract Enhancement Program, which shows that large, boutique and niche factoring, purchase order funding and asset-based lending companies recognize the value added benefit of utilizing a cost-effective way to improve their existing documentation in order to substantially augment their rights and materially reduce exposure.

Participants will receive the inaugural Contract Improvements that consist of a contractual provision to better insulate companies from liability for furnishing credit limits to clients who later assert that the receipt of a credit limit creates a legal duty on a factor to issue such credit limits in a non-negligent manner or under a specific standard of care. In addition, we anticipate offering additional Contract Improvements to enable companies to better conduct business through electronic communications, as well as Contract Improvements tailored to specific industry niches, e.g. provisions that transportation factors should require their clients to incorporate into bills of lading to materially minimize deductions by consignees or shippers.

Enrolling in the Contract Enhancement Program is easy, simply complete and return to Laura Lytle at the linked Enrollment Form (found below) and send an annual fixed-fee payment of $950.00 for non-clients, or the reduced courtesy rate of $775.00 for existing clients. If you wish to inquire about the Contract Enhancement Program™, please contact Michael Ullman by telephone at (561) 338-3535, or inquire in person at the upcoming Advanced Factoring & Legal Forum in Las Vegas, NV. We look forward to helping you achieve success.

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